1. I don't post here anymore, 
    so for all current & future updates 
    on my Artwork, Life, and to contact me, please visit my 


    Really, I am truly grateful you found me here. 


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  2. Painting a Baby Owl 

    I painted this baby owl and decided to take pictures with my phone as I went along in the process. 
    I think he turned out to be very cute. 
    I am prepping work for my new show that opens February 3rd at Blackbird Tattoo and Art Gallery here in Nashville, where I will be showing all New paintings and Tramp Lamps. 


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  3. I had a fantastic time at Star Wars Celebrations VI, Orlando in August. This was one of the pointless artistic ideas I came up with while attending the event. 


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  5. This is the work that I have currently available for Sale and can hang immediately for a show. I can ship it to you or deliver if you are in or near Nashville. All work is in Acrylic on wooden canvas stretchers and  ready to hang . All dimensions are in inches. Thanks so much for taking the time to look at my work.

    Swamptroopin 12x24

    Gaggle V Murder 24x36

    Dino X Wing 18x36

    Brobee 9x12

    Muno 9x12
    The Cardinals  5" round

     Mrs. Towhee 4x5

     Mr. Towhee 4x5

     Goose 5x6
    Crimson Guard with Brownie 12x16

    Storms a Brewin 20x46

    Bonus Level 24x36

    Cheating at Nursery Rhymes 24x36

    Waving Walrus 11x14

    Science 12x24

    Hammer 12x24

    Bantha on Pink 11x14

    Boba Fett with Brown & White Bunny 11x14 

    Bunny with Bounty Hunter Helmet 12x24

    Bunny with Clone Trooper Helmet 12x24

    Diva Mix 36x40

    Foofa 9x12

    Captain & Mr.Whiskers 9x12

    Mallrd v Elk 12x24

    MerMan 9x12

    Night Mix vol 1 & 2 36x40

    Plex 9x12

    Pondo Baba 8x10

    Bird on Purple 6x8

    R2D2 with Jaguar Head 11x14

    Bird on Red 8" Round

    Worm Mix 36x40

    He Man Robot  6x8

    Ewoks in the Trees 40x60

    TGIF Mix 36x40

    Toodee 9x12

    Burning Moisture Farms 40x50

    Wedge 12x24

    Wookie wearing Clone Helmet 12x16


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  6. Here are all of my Paintings of Star Wars Characters with Bunny Rabbits. Painted in Acrylic on Canvas in 2011-2012. Many Originals & Prints available for Sale in my Etsy Shop.  


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  7. Feeling lots of motivation right now.
     Here are some completed works from this past week:

    this is a Robot from the 80s TV show, He Man. 5x7 oval 

    Swamp Troopin 12x36" 

    Ewoks in the Trees 40x60"

    MerMan from He Man 


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  8. Ewoks in the Forest. 

    40x60 Acrylic on Canvas (in Progress)

    This painting is based on the back album cover art of the Styx Grand Illusion Record I had as a kid. 


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  9. The Mix Tape Series is inspired by my overactive hobby of making Music Mixes, which is something that began in my childhood in the 1980s.

    A mix was never something I did haphazardly. I poured my heart into it- Diligently timing my pause finger to edit out each commercial interruption on FM radio so that I could capture the ultimate in top 40 hits to make a totally radical mix that anyone would agree was the best thing ever, duh.

    Each Painting in this series features the classic Cassette format with animals blooming from within or surrounding the scene as if they are the content of the cassette, the raw emotion of the mix, and made just for you. I had lots of fun decorating and painting these blank cassettes in ways that perhaps I would have when planning out my imaginary band's first album at age 10. We were so gonna rock.

    The collection of animals are random, just as a mix tape can be. It takes you on a various journey from an emotional high to an 8th grade heartbreak with just a flip from side A to B. Cue Is this Love, by Whitesnake, or whatever suits you.

    A lot of my early mixes were created on repurposed cassettes borrowed from my parents that I recorded over with my presumed musical masterpieces. Frankly, I owe a lot of my creative license to Mom and Dad's discarded teaching materials and their unflinching belief in me as a force of weird-good in this world.

    I feel compelled to say that this series is also a response to so much hollering on the internet about sharing music and arguments on legality of how artists express themselves online. Albeit a good thing or a Black cloud, the home made cassette tape was the primordial birthing pool of file sharing.
    Music and the Musician who creates it has had the biggest influence on me as a visual artist and this series of paintings begins my response to the debate that is in its long term net infancy. I am forever grateful for Music. I hope you can see that.

    This show is up for the month of March, 2012 at the Belcourt Theater in Nashville, Tennessee. All paintings are 30x40 Acrylic on Canvas. The reception is open to the public the evening of April 5th during the Hillsboro Art Walk.

    The work is for Sale. Call the box office (615) 846-3150 for availability and pricing or email me Kelly (@) Tramplamps.com. Prints will be available soon in my Etsy Shop. If you like my Facebook page, you will know as soon as they go up on the shop, because I will post a link.


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  10. This is the first in a new series of paintings for a show I am having in March 2012 at The Belcourt Theater. I enjoy showing my work at that space and always get a great response from people long after the show is over.

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